Fourth of July: Battle of the American BBQ Brands


Image from: American Hot Dog / Shutterstock

Happy Fourth of July, marketers! Today we celebrate the birth of our country the American way: grilling, drinking and watching fireworks with friends. As most of the nation is closed for business today, which American brands are reaping the benefits? We looked at the online traffic data to the most popular charcoal, hot dog, and domestic beer brands leading up to the fourth.

Round 1: The charcoal competition isn’t even hot.
Kingsford consistently has more monthly Unique Visitors (UVs) than Weber. That trend did not change approaching the 4th; Kingsford had significantly higher Daily Reach, or what percentage of the browsing population visited their site.


Round 2: Ball Park Franks dethroned Hebrew National as King of the Weenies.

Hot dogs are a staple of summer in America. We looked at Kayem, Ballpark Franks, Nathan’s Famous, and Hebrew National. Though Hebrew National had significantly more UVs than the others in May, Daily Reach to Ball Park Franks shot up past the competition in June. The brand benefits from its ties to baseball in the summertime—it was originally launched in 1957 at the request of the owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team.


Round 3: Bud Light didn’t crush  the competition.

Bud Light and Budweiser held the top spots in May, but it appears the competition was heating up in June. Blue Moon duked it out with Bud Light for the highest Daily Reach in June.


Looking at Daily Attention, a measure of how much time visitors spend on the site, Blue Moon was the clear winner. It appears their marketing is working well;  Blue Moon recently launched a mobile marketing campaign and I’ve seen their commercial featuring the popular Lumineer’s “Hey Ho” song several times in the past few weeks.


What brands are you celebrating the Fourth of July with?

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