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Mother’s Day made a significant impact on the fast moving sites list this month with,,, and all making the top ten. also joined the fast movers this month due to another record-setting jackpot last month. Likely driven by the NHL playoffs in the U.S., claimed spot #8 on the list, with monthly page views growing nearly 17% month-over-month as well.

Taking a deeper look into the fast movers list with Compete PRO we can see that the demographics of visitors to heavily over-index for higher income males with 72% of visitors being men and 60% earning more than $60k. Interestingly, the age demographics match up pretty closely with the Internet Browsing Population (IBP), slightly over-indexing for the 55-64 bracket and under-indexing for the 18-34 group.

Fast Movers May 2013

Interestingly, looking at data from Compete’s new FastFocus product, we can see intriguing sales conversion funnel and loyalty metrics for the flower sites. For instance, we see that approximately 14.6% of visitors to started the checkout process in May and 8.7% of visitors completed the checkout process, whereas only 3.1% of visitors to even started the checkout process. We can also see that 89% of the unique visitors to were “new shoppers,” whereas and better capitalized on the seasonal shoppers with 95% and 94% of their traffic, respectively, being new shoppers.

Using Compete PRO’s Keyword Profile report for the term “flowers,” we can see that although organically appears at the top of search results for the term, captured nearly 3% more traffic from that keyword. also achieved those extra three percentage points with half the paid share of’s paid share, perhaps in part because of the use of the word “flowers” in their URL. Looking at the top 15 keywords in PRO’s Search Referral reports for each,, and, it’s notable that’s keywords are the only ones that do not include Mother’s Day related phrases and it’s the only site that received significant traffic from the keyword “cheap flowers.”

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