Sunday Series: Fashion Flop–No Spike for Spring Apparel


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Spring fashion wasn’t on American’s minds any more or less in April than in March. Monthly traffic to apparel websites grew less than a quarter of a percent in April, with 70.8 million Unique Visitors (UVs). What sites did receive more attention as the weather got warmer? Below are ten apparel fast movers, each of which offers different products. Not surprisingly, Izi Dresses and Rent the Runway benefitted from both prom and wedding season. Otherwise, there isn’t a common thread that ties the ten sites together. A little digging in Compete PRO uncovered the sources of increased traffic.

Hugo Boss may have grown 75% month-over-month (MOM) but about half of that traffic growth went to Why? After looking at the subdomains, I noticed that was the second highest incoming traffic source. It’s unusual for a site other than a search engine or social network to be one of the top referrers for any site. A quick search for “Hugo Boss” on (a magazine about discount shopping) revealed that they offered free samples of Hugo Boss Orange fragrance on April 29th.’s Daily Reach spiked on April 29th for about three days.

The t-shirt and lifestyle Boston-based brand, Life Is Good, saw their traffic spike from about 65,000 UVs in March to 114,000 in April. Their search referrals explained the 74% MOM growth: the long tail keyword “‘Boston’ shirts by life is good” referred the fourth-most traffic in the past 90 days. The shirts weren’t created until the end of April, which demonstrates just how much traffic the brand’s “Boston Love” shirts are bringing in.

Were there any fashion trends you were expecting to be reflected online? What’s your favorite site to shop for clothes?


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