Success Stories: Use Search Intelligence to Acquire Strategic Assets


Image from: Leader of Competition / Shutterstock

Regularly monitoring competitive intelligence search data is key for short-term SEO strategy, but it can also dictate long-term digital marketing plans. As an online brand, you should be regularly monitoring referral keywords, or search terms that bring traffic to your site. Yes, this can be done in your local analytics. But, local analytics don’t show what keywords are driving traffic to your competitors’ sites. You are not only directly competing with rival companies for potential customers, but also for how your business is viewed and discovered online.

Long tail keywords are especially important to monitor: they are usually less common, longer and more specific–making them easier to bid on and win. They have a high ROI because the searcher is usually finding exactly what they are looking for. Long tail keywords can give you insight into a growing trend and bring light to an opportunity to attract new traffic. But, if you are only looking at your long tail keywords and not your competitors’, you could be missing an opportunity to steal traffic from your competitors by creating content with long tail keywords or bidding on them before your competition does.

One of our clients was able to go a step further and purchase two domains containing critical long tail keywords.  Compete PRO search data enabled them to identify a growing trend and eventually acquire the two strategic assets, a search marketer’s pot of gold.

“By monitoring the keywords that were driving traffic to our site, we identified two key phrases that were typically long tail keywords but within the last 18 months, had been growing significantly in popularity. One of these terms was as popular as our 3rd most popular keyword! These key phrases were “pet insurance review” and “pet insurance comparison”. So we sought out to research whether URLs containing these keywords were available and we successfully acquired and

This was both a preemptive effort to prevent competitors from snatching these up as well as offensive considering we are now developing content sites catering to these topics with the goal to harness traffic searching for these terms, all thanks to our Compete PRO account!”

Using competitive intelligence set this brand up for long-term success that they otherwise wouldn’t have even known they were missing out on. Competitive intelligence can help you improve your search marketing in a number of ways including identifying your competitive set: discovering keywords you should be targeting, understanding which keywords your competitors are using successfully, and benchmarking your performance. Download our free whitepaper to learn how to leverage competitive intelligence data to achieve maximum ROI from your search marketing.

About Carro Halpin:
Carro is excited to join the Compete team as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, with a focus on all things social media. A third-year student at Northeastern University, Carro is pursuing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Political Science. She has a passion for digital media. Follow her on Twitter @carrohalpin or connect on Google+