The Weekly Compete Pulse

The marketing team here at Compete compiled a list of the most popular digital marketing stories online this week. Enjoy and happy competing, marketers!

67% of smartphone users would rather see advertisements than pay for premium content. A new study revealed that consumers are willing to exchange personal information for free digital content. The percentage is even higher for tablet users: 70%. The most popular content people will view digital ads for is paperback books.

How to use content for sales enablement, lead nurturing and retention. As marketers, we often think of content as simply driving traffic to our site and optimizing SEO. But, that content can help educate and engage your prospects throughout their paths to purchase through email nurture campaigns facilitated by marketing automation systems. Learn how to take content beyond lead generation on the Marketo Blog.

The next generation of Chief Marketers will need to take on more than the traditional responsibilities. The Kellogg School of Management launched a new program to help current and prospective CMOs acquire new skills in a world where consumers are empowered to demand more from brands. In the future, successful CMOs must drive top-line growth, anticipate and implement new technologies, and quickly transition into the the executive suite and demonstrate progress.

Yahoo’s challenge will be building Tumblr’s advertising business. The biggest news of the week was Yahoo’s $1.1 billion purchase of the blogging site, Tumblr. It seemed that everyone online had an opinion about the acquisition while Wordpress saw a massive influx of users transferring their blogs from Tumblr. Regardless, marketers are very excited to advertise on Tumblr, which has a high traffic of the coveted 18-24 year old demographic. The site was on track to generate $100 million in advertising revenue this year before the deal. But, will Yahoo! damage the site’s credibility? Will Tumblr be fruitful for advertisers, despite that it doesn’t have loads of targeting information like Facebook? Read the L.A. Times analysis of the advertising deal.

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