Reaching Consumers Through Mobile Marketing: Tweets from #mmaf2013

Compete Infographic - Reaching Consumers Through Mobile Marketing MMAF2013.pdf
As digital marketers, our new frontier is mobile and mobile marketing. Two weeks ago, the Mobile Marketing Association hosted its annual NY forum with the theme “Mobile’s Role in Closing the Loop Along the Path to Purchase.”

We identified three discussion points from the forum and some fresh new statistics to highlight the role of mobile use in the consumer path to purchase. All sources are from #mmaf2013.

Pervasiveness of mobile:

  • 91% of smartphone users have their phone within reach 24/7
  • Americans spend 119 minutes a day on mobile devices
  • We check our phones every 6.5 minutes (150 times daily)

Mobile Commerce

  • Mobile-assisted grocery shoppers buy 8% more
  • Home Depot’s sales from mobile are projected to exceed $650M by 2016
  • 10% of all Starbucks transactions are now done on a mobile device

Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile media spend for digital clients increased 400% from last year
  • Mobile marketing will generate $400 billion to US Economy by 2015

For more information, visit the MMA Global Events page.

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