Brand Tweets Drive Automotive Shopping Action

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Following the exciting automotive year-end shopping season, Compete and Twitter partnered together to understand the impact that Tweets posted by automotive companies have on the consumers who see them.  Specifically, we wanted to know whether Tweets influence consumer behavior; are people exposed to an automotive Tweet more likely to visit the manufacturer’s website and take action by locating a dealer, looking at offers or building their own car.

To answer these questions, Compete observed 3,289 U.S.-based Internet consumers and 593 U.K.-based Internet consumers who saw Tweets from over 700 companies within the automotive space (manufacturers, dealers, aftermarket/parts and 3rd party online resources) from September 1 to November 30, 2012.  We limited the scope of the study to desktop browsing only (no mobile or table activity) and exposure on only (no Twitter clients were included in the analysis).  We also studied the behavior of two control groups comprised of a similar set of consumers who visited Twitter but did not see an automotive Tweet and who were simply average internet users.

Compete and Twitter uncovered two key findings highlighted below:

1. Twitter users, U.S. and U.K. alike, who see Tweets from an automotive company are more likely to visit their websites or conduct a branded search

We found that Twitter users who were exposed to an automotive Tweet visited those automotive websites or conducted a branded search at a higher rate than general Internet users. This finding is true for manufacturers and dealers as well as specific categories like aftermarket/parts.

Twitter Auto_US Site Visitation Activity

Key takeaway: Twitter users are auto enthusiasts. Twitter is a medium for advertisers to impact consumers’ consideration sets from the point of initial decision to purchase.

2. Conversions are influenced by auto Tweets

Auto Tweets not only influence consideration, but they drive Twitter users to take lower funnel actions such as locate a dealer, request a quote or explore financing options.

Twitter Auto_Lower Funnel

Twitter Auto_UK lower funnel

Key Takeaway: People who see an automotive Tweet are more likely to make perform a lower funnel activity. This means Twitter users arrive on an automotive website with a higher intent to get information to help inform their purchase decision.

Compete and Twitter also uncovered other findings around how exposure to Tweets influences visitation by type of auto manufacturer as well as other interesting results.

Click here to download the full U.S. whitepaper or here for the U.K. whitepaper.

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