Sunday Series: Business & Finance Blogs See Green in April

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Last month brought tax Season to a close–there was no shortage of financial stories to discuss in April. Where did Americans look to for in-depth financial news, besides the mainstream media? 12.6 million Unique Visitors (UVs) browsed business and finance sites (a group of 55 sites) in April, up 12 percent month-over-month (MOM)–making it one of the fastest growing categories. Interestingly, neither Google nor Facebook was the top source of incoming traffic to the category. AOL took first place, referring a third of the visitors. Why? AOL’s finance property is–the top site in the category with 5.4 million UVs last month. Yahoo was the second highest incoming referrer with a significant amount of traffic coming from its subdomain,

In this week’s Sunday Series, we compiled a list of ten business and finance blog fast movers. had the largest UV gain in April, surpassing 1 million UVs for the first time. was responsible for 89 percent of the incoming traffic to the site, followed by Google was only the third highest incoming traffic source, referring less than one percent of the traffic. Unique Visitors to increased 52 percent in April; however, its traffic has fallen dramatically over the past year–down 40 percent since April 2012. The blog received virtually zero incoming traffic from AOL and Yahoo. Some links on the category’s top referring sites would help Bargaineering rebuild its audience.

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