DCMO Series: 9 Path to Purchase Questions for Compete’s VP of Products

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Today we have our own VP of Products at Compete, Conor O’Mahony answering our path to purchase questions. He believes the new digital landscape presents enormous opportunities for brands.

Next week, Compete heads to Miami, FL to host the tenth annual Digital CMO Summit. The event brings marketing leaders together to explore and discuss the digital forces transforming their businesses. With a mix of formal and informal sessions, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with and learn from top executives in advertising, marketing, and media.

This year’s theme is “Path to Purchase.” We’ll be discussing the consumer’s path: a path that is becoming more complex with increasingly fragmented audiences, shifting consumer behaviors and attitudes (many of them subconscious), and even more connected devices. It’s a chaotic, multifaceted journey for marketers to understand, and we’ll spend two days sharing and discussing key insights with industry peers.

In case you missed them, check out who else answered our path to purchase questions on the Digital CMO page of the Compete Pulse!

Conor_O_Mahony Name: Conor O’MahonyTitle: VP of ProductsCompany: CompeteLocation: Boston

1. What’s the most interesting purchase you’ve made in the last 60 days?
I love the product design of my fitbit one. It tracks my activity and sleep, and the “apple simple” design is something all product people can learn from.

2. Next month you need a birthday gift, when can we expect to see you buying it?
Earlier than most. It’s something that was deeply ingrained by my father, and means that I am extra early for flights, early when meeting people, and an early shopper. Despite being an Amazon Prime subscriber, I still like to do my shopping with plenty of time to spare.

3. If overnight shipping were free, would you order a car online?
The prospect of buying a car online is appealing. Less hassle and less haggling. However, being quite tall (approx 6’4″), I need to test drive a car to make sure I am comfortable in it. I’m not sure I will buy a car online, unless it is a make and model that I know is a comfortable drive for me.

4. How much time is too much time to spend inside a mall?
The answer is either: 1) any amount of time is too much, or 2) there is no such thing as too much time. The first answer applies in most cases; I know what I want to buy, I get it, and then I leave with my primeval “hunting” needs satisfied. However, the second answer applies when I visit stores like Brookstone, the Apple Store, and the Tesla Store.

5. If your company had unlimited funds what’s the first thing you would invest in for 2013?
Acquire Google.

6. Fill in the blank: I blaze my own path by_________?
Making sure I bring a great team along for the ride.

7. Do you prefer the direct route or scenic drive?
I mostly tend towards the direct route. That being said, I did spend a year taking the scenic route around the Pacific Rim.

8. Shopping in South Beach…can’t wait or a perfectly good waste of sunshine?
I’ll pass on shopping, but welcome the sunshine.

9. Give us one parting thought on the current consumer path to purchase.
There have never been more opportunities for brands to hijack the path to purchase. Before digital, such opportunities were limited. Now brands have very real opportunities to gain share in measurable ways, from digital advertising to targeted offers, social reviews to social influence, and beyond. The evolving path to purchase presents a great opportunity for brands.

About Clayelle Wolf:
Clayelle Wolf is a Marketing Consultant at Compete, focused on special projects concerning the complex and ever-evolving consumer path to purchase. Before joining the team, she worked in the advertising space. She lives in Boston and enjoys exploring all the city has to offer. Connect with Clayelle on LinkedIn.