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April saw the return of baseball season in the United States, propelling MLB.com into the fastest growing sites for the month. Additionally, we may be witnessing the rise of Twitter’s recently acquired Vine as the site surged passed two million unique visitors last month. Rounding out April’s Fast Movers is Boston.com, likely driven by people looking for news about the Boston Marathon bombings.

Taking a deeper look into the fast movers list with Compete PRO we can see that the demographics of visitors to DragonsOfAtlantis.com skew strongly towards the younger and lower income demographics. Interestingly, however, the ratio of males to females is very close to the ratio of males to females in the Internet browsing population.

Fast Movers April 2013

A little digging around also shows that the increase in traffic at Adobe.com is due to the release of software updates via one of its subdomains. Looking at MLB.com’s incoming traffic reveals the impact of fantasy baseball, as incoming traffic from Yahoo!’s popular fantasy platform grew by over 130% since March. Interestingly, even with the large increase in traffic, MLB.com pages per visit are down year-over-year by more than 5 pages. Perhaps, MLB.com have made it easier to find the information that’s important to fans since last year.

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