The Weekly Compete Pulse


Happy Cinco de Mayo, marketers! Here’s a round up of the most popular digital marketing stories we shared over the last week.

 “The best of the companies we’re seeing now are unbelievably good at analytics,” Marc Andreessen said in an interview with Harvard Business Review. An entrepreneur himself, and now a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley, Andreessen discusses the unique challenges of the modern entrepreneur and the qualities successful ones possess.

One in three consumers use a mobile device throughout their purchasing process. The latest path to purchase study reinforces the growing importance of mobile and the opportunity it holds for brands. For example, only 50% of mobile searchers know exactly what they are looking for–meaning marketers can influence the other half.

You are more likely to summit Mount Everest than click a banner ad. How much weight do you place on display advertising? The inbound marketers at HubSpot may be biased, but their ten depressing display statistics are interesting to chew on!

Women get more re-pins while men get more followers on Pinterest. Still a relatively new community, digital marketers salivate at Pinterest’s potential. A new study sheds light on some of the gender differences. Want to get more re-pins? The study suggests pinning less.

Automotive and fashion brands need to start pinning. Another study shows 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is user generated. This leaves open a huge opportunity for brands–they just need to share the kind of images people already expressed they want to see. The study also revealed one industry is leading the pack: 46% of consumer electronics pins are brand-generated.

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