DCMO Series: 9 Path to Purchase Questions for P&G’s Phyllis Jackson

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Next up in our DCMO Series is Phyllis Jackson from Procter & Gamble sharing her thoughts on path to purchase. As VP of Consumer Knowledge for the largest consumer product company in America, Phyllis understands that the consumer path to purchase is not simple, or even a singular path.

This May, Compete will head to Miami, FL to host the tenth annual Digital CMO Summit. The event brings marketing leaders together to explore and discuss the digital forces transforming their businesses. With a mix of formal and informal sessions, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with and learn from top executives in advertising, marketing, and media.

This year’s theme is “Path to Purchase.” We’ll be discussing the consumer’s path: a path that is becoming more complex with increasingly fragmented audiences, shifting consumer behaviors and attitudes (many of them subconscious), and even more connected devices. It’s a chaotic, multifaceted journey for marketers to understand, and we’ll spend two days sharing and discussing key insights with industry peers.

In case you missed them, check out who else answered our path to purchase questions on the Digital CMO page of the Compete Pulse!

Phyllis Jackson

Name: Phyllis Jackson

Title: Vice President, North America, Consumer & Market Knowledge

Company: Procter & Gamble

Location: Cinncinatti, OH

1. What’s the most interesting purchase you’ve made in the last 60 days?
A Tarot Card reading in San Francisco.

2. Next month you need a birthday gift, when can we expect to see you buying it?
Whenever I happen across the perfect gift. It may already be in my gift closet or I may still be searching.

3. If overnight shipping were free, would you order a car online?
Yes, if I had test driven a similar model with all the features I wanted, could design it to be delivered with my custom features and at a price I thought was appropriate.

4. How much time is too much time to spend inside a mall?
Any amount of time.

5. If your company had unlimited funds what’s the first thing you would invest in for 2013?
Upgraded knowledge, analytics and visualization platform.

6. Fill in the blank: I blaze my own path by_________?
Following my vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

7. Do you prefer the direct route or scenic drive?
Depends on the time constraints – without constraint, the scenic drive.

8. Shopping in South Beach…can’t wait or a perfectly good waste of sunshine?
Why can’t I do it all?

9. Give us one parting thought on the current consumer path to purchase.
It’s a spirograph of overlaid shapes once you get all the consumers’ individual paths on it. It has many different paths, even for the same individual, dependent on occasion, goal and contextual motivation.

About Clayelle Wolf:
Clayelle Wolf is a Marketing Consultant at Compete, focused on special projects concerning the complex and ever-evolving consumer path to purchase. Before joining the team, she worked in the advertising space. She lives in Boston and enjoys exploring all the city has to offer. Connect with Clayelle on LinkedIn.