Monthly Archives: April 2013

How APIs Will Shape the Future

Image from: freight train / Shutterstock What companies are creating and exposing the APIs that will impact the future business and market intelligence? How will Big Data impact marketing, business development, and market predictions? We are only in the early stages of the ‘data’ revolution so the companies that can provide the answers to these questions will pave the way for the future and will lead the market into a

DCMO Series: 9 Questions on Path to Purchase for CMO, Stephen DiMarco

Over the next few months we will be sharing actionable insights and recommendations from industry leading speakers and attendees from the Digital CMO Summit here on the blog. This week, Compete’s CMO, Stephen DiMarco, has gotten us started by sharing his answers to our 9 questions on path to purchase.

Cats Browse Internet While You’re at Work

A recent analysis of Compete’s clickstream data revealed that your fluffy feline friends aren’t sleeping all day while you’re at work. It appears that cats are clicking away on your computer mouse, instead of chasing real mice. The list of the top websites from 9am to 5pm (based on Unique Visitors) is dramatically different than the overall monthly top sites. Based on the content of the sites, our data strongly