If a Product Launches in a Forest and There’s No One There to Tweet About It…

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Every company spends a lot of time and money making sure its products and services are the best they can be. That’s the point of business, offering valuable goods and services so that others will pay for them; but how can you profit from your hard work if no one sees it?

There are a lot of accepted marketing methods to attract traffic to your website. If you conduct a Google search for “pay for website traffic,” there are 332,000,000 results. While paying for traffic can be smart in some situations, you can get even more value from referral traffic to your site through more natural sources. When you pay for traffic through search, display, promotional emails, or other means, you usually get a small segment of a highly targeted audience and each person who visits your website through these means costs you money.

Attracting natural referral traffic to your site is more difficult, but oftentimes more rewarding, especially in the long term. If you’re lost on where to start, doing a little competitive research can go a long way. By using a competitive intelligence tool like Compete PRO, you can explore incoming traffic for every site in your competitive set to expose which sites send them the most traffic. By digging into that data, you should be able to determine whether that traffic is coming from an affiliate program, advertising, guest blog posts, or any other type of partnership. Sites that work for your competitors can probably work for you as well.

Creating relevant, industry-related content is a great, low-cost way to get more referral traffic to your site and in turn, more eyes on your product pages. If you can establish a few reliable guest blogging relationships with high-traffic blogs in your industry, you should see valuable incoming traffic to your site that will keep coming, and all it costs is a little bit of your time.

If your business is primarily online, generating valuable referral traffic is one of the most important things you can do for your company. Remember, if a product launches online and there’s no one there to see it, that product might as well not exist.

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