DCMO Series: 9 Path to Purchase Questions for Jason Burby of POSSIBLE

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A member of our WPP family, Jason Burby of POSSIBLE, shared his thoughts around path to purchase, including his personal online shopping habits and taking measurable risks. As the Chief Performance Marketing Officer of a global digital agency, he understands how complicated the consumer path to purchase has become.

This May, Compete will head to Miami, FL to host the tenth annual Digital CMO Summit. The event brings marketing leaders together to explore and discuss the digital forces transforming their businesses. With a mix of formal and informal sessions, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with and learn from top executives in advertising, marketing, and media.

This year’s theme is “Path to Purchase.” We’ll be discussing the consumer’s path: a path that is becoming more complex with increasingly fragmented audiences, shifting consumer behaviors and attitudes (many of them subconscious), and even more connected devices. It’s a chaotic, multifaceted journey for marketers to understand, and we’ll spend two days sharing and discussing key insights with industry peers.

In case you missed it, Lincoln Merrihew, Stephen DiMarco, and Mike Perlman previously shared their own answers with us. Enjoy!

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Name: Jason Burby

Title: Chief Performance Marketing Officer


Location: Portland, OR

1. What’s the most interesting purchase you’ve made in the last 60 days?
One of the more interesting things I purchased in the last 60 days is probably a blow up doll from Amazon. We set Kenny up as our receptionist in one of our small satellite offices, so far so good.

2. Next month you need a birthday gift, when can we expect to see you buying it?
If I have the option to purchase through Amazon, a lot of times I will wait to do it the week of the birthday. For gifts for my wife I typically order two days before whenever we are celebrating the holiday (birthday, valentines, etc.). Getting it overnighted or within two days to reduces the chance of her reviewing the credit card statement and guessing. So I typically decide early, research and then pull the trigger on the purchase as late as I can.

3. If overnight shipping were free, would you order a car online?
I have purchased a few cars through eBay over the years as well as a boat. Even without free overnight shipping more than likely my next vehicle will be purchased online (I prefer to buy 1-2 years old). At minimum everything other than signing the papers and picking it up will be online.

4. How much time is too much time to spend inside a mall?
I don’t mind going into a mall to try things on or pick something up and feel it if I need to, but if I am in there for more than 30-40 minutes I am hurting!

5. If your company had unlimited funds what’s the first thing you would invest in for 2013?
Social CRM.

6. Fill In the blank: I blaze my own path by…
Learning quickly through failure. By taking educated and measurable chances we can often learn more when things don’t go well than when we cautiously, conservatively proceed.

7. Do you prefer the direct route or scenic drive?
It depends on what I am doing. In and around business I prefer the direct route. When with family and in my personal time I prefer the scenic route.

8. Shopping in South Beach…can’t wait or a perfectly good waste of sunshine?
Prefer the beach. If I see something I love, I will buy it online!

9. Give us one parting thought on the current consumer path to purchase.
It is far more disjointed and fluid than most marketers are willing to accept. It is vastly different across industries, geographies, cultures, ages, etc. One size solutions fit no one.

About Clayelle Wolf:
Clayelle Wolf is a Marketing Consultant at Compete, focused on special projects concerning the complex and ever-evolving consumer path to purchase. Before joining the team, she worked in the advertising space. She lives in Boston and enjoys exploring all the city has to offer. Connect with Clayelle on LinkedIn.