T-Mobile Raises the Competition with iPhone 5


Image from: T-Mobile iPhone 5 / Ubergizmo

Now that T-Mobile has the iPhone, we believe that in the months to come, 191,000 competitive customers from AT&T, Sprint & Verizon will be more inclined to consider the carrier while visiting T-Mobile.com. Here’s why:

On Friday, April 12th T-Mobile became the last of the Big-Four carriers to offer the iPhone 5. But given that T-Mobile is late to the iPhone game, are consumers actually more likely to consider T-Mobile as a result of this?  We think so.

Compete has found that each month over half-a-million current AT&T, Verizon & Sprint customers visit T-Mobile’s website, and when polled in a recent Compete survey, 1 in 3 competitive customers indicated that they are more likely to consider T-Mobile as a result of iPhone availability.  Combining average traffic to T-Mobile.com over the past 12 months with these survey results, we believe that AT&T, Sprint & Verizon can expect that 191,000 of their current customers will visit T-Mobile’s site with increased purchase propensity in the months to come.
tmobile iphone 5 survey
T-Mobile is clearly targeting customers from direct competitors with its current marketing (see CNET reports). On Wednesday, April 10th T-Mobile gave competitive customers even more reason to switch by announcing discounts for people trading in their older iPhones, regardless of the carrier. T-Mobile also announced their new “Un-Carrier” plan, which provides no-contract pricing for smartphones with unlimited 4G data, and promises to save customers over $800/year compared to its competition. Competitors like AT&T and Virgin Mobile seem to be taking notice, with campaigns of their own that directly target T-Mobile.

After a difficult 2012, T-Mobile is off to a great start in 2013. The carrier recently reported Q1 growth in their branded customer base, along with a churn rate of just 1.9% – the best for T-Mobile in four years. Since these were Q1 results, prior to any big changes, T-Mobile appears to be building momentum to win new customers at the expense of their competitors. It’s too early to say definitively whether iPhone availability and its “Un-Carrier” strategy will improve T-Mobile’s fortunes, but at the very least these moves demand the attention of the other Big-Four carriers, and Compete will be monitoring competitive customer consideration and traffic to T-Mobile in the coming months.

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