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Image from: Duck Dynasty / Bam’s Blog

In March, financial services sites fell out of the fastest growing list in favor of some seasonal television trends. The pinnacle of college basketball season, March Madness, helped propel to the top of the fast movers list. Additionally, cracked the top ten growers probably in part because of the premiere of the highly anticipated series, Bates Motel, as well as the return of A&E’s most popular series, Duck Dynasty, at the end of February and through March.

Diving deeper into the fast movers list with Compete PRO we can confirm that the new season of Duck Dynasty has been a big driver of traffic for with nearly 25% of search traffic to being driven by Duck Dynasty-related keywords. Using the time index metrics in Compete PRO, we can also see that Duck Dynasty keywords have been some of the most engaging for, with users looking for full episodes online and more information about the family that makes up the cast.
Fast Movers March 2013

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