Marathon Monday: Nike Leads the Pack

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Here in Boston we’ve been prepping for the Boston Marathon and with the finish line steps away from our office, it’s hard not to feel the adrenaline pulsing through the marathon course.

But as runners put in the last few days of training and carbo-loading, what shoe brand is on pace to outlast the pack?

Looking at the foot traffic to top brand sites; Nike, Reebok and New Balance, there is really no competition. is the clear front runner.
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When looking at instances in which consumers shop for each brand across eBay, Amazon and Zappos we can see that Nike’s dominance is well reflective in its share of this shopping activity. Not only are more shoppers going to the branded site, but more are interacting on the retailers.

Marathon Monday shopping share graph
While Nike is clearly a brand favorite among consumers, it is interesting to note that New Balance sees a higher shopping session share on Zappos with 20% compared to 2% on eBay. Reebok shoppers are looking on Amazon more than eBay or Zappos.

With each brand seeing higher shopping session shares on different retailers, how can brands optimize the purchase funnel on these retail sites?

Key questions to ask:

  • Of shoppers who start a check-out on retailer sites, how many purchase on the branded site?
  •  Does Nike see the same shoppers purchase on their branded site as purchase on retailers?
  • Are shoppers more loyal to purchase on the brand site or the retailer site?
  • Who sees a higher conversion rate? Retailer or brand?
  • How engaged are shoe shoppers throughout the purchase funnel?
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