DCMO Series: 9 Questions on Path to Purchase for CMO, Stephen DiMarco

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This May Compete will head to Miami, FL to host the tenth annual Digital CMO Summit. The event brings marketing leaders together to explore and discuss the digital forces transforming their businesses. With a mix of formal and informal sessions, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with and learn from top executives in advertising, marketing, and media.

This year’s theme is “Path to Purchase” and will enable marketers to seize new digital opportunities, expand brand presence and drive sales. The consumer path to purchase is more complex than ever with increasingly fragmented audiences, shifting consumer behaviors and attitudes (many of them subconscious), and even more connected devices. We know it can feel chaotic for marketers.

Over the next few months we will be sharing actionable insights and recommendations from industry leading speakers and attendees from the Digital CMO Summit here on the blog. This week, Compete’s CMO, Stephen DiMarco, has gotten us started by sharing his answers to our 9 questions on path to purchase. Have fun and take a look!

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Name: Stephen DiMarco

Title: CCO and CMO

Company: Compete

Location: Boston/NYC

1. What’s the most interesting purchase you’ve made in the last 60 days?
Ironically, I would say it is the $125 worth of socks I snapped up on Zappos yesterday. Getting new socks delivered the next day is a profoundly pleasant thought. I was long overdue for some new socks!

2. Next month you need a birthday gift, when can we expect to see you buying it?
Giving me a full month’s lead time is way too generous! Ever since the iOS calendar integrated Facebook friends’ birthdays, I have become a prolific gift-giver. So now I can wait until the last second and never miss an important birthday. I have seven more months to see if my generosity comes full circle…

3. If overnight shipping were free, would you order a car online?
Absolutely. But I would still go to a local dealer for the test drive.

4. How much time is too much time to spend inside a mall?
If I take my kids, it is typically within the first 5 minutes. Seriously, when I do go to enter a mall, I use ninja-like precision to get what I need and then get out fast.

5. If your company had unlimited funds what’s the first thing you would invest in for 2013?
A twenty million person cross-channel, cross-media panel in North America.

6. Fill in the blank: I blaze my own path by _________.
Putting other people’s ideas in a blender and then adding my whipped cream on top.

7. Do you prefer the direct route or scenic drive?
Both, and often at the same time. I have become pretty good at operating within two time horizons – getting stuff done in the current time horizon, and letting long-term ideas bake a little more before acting or deciding.

8. Shopping in South Beach…can’t wait or a perfectly good waste of sunshine?
I think the bigger debate will be whether you should spend that extra hour or two networking with the other DCMO attendees or sleeping! Having said that, as the eighth inch of snow falls today, the Miami sunshine is going to be pretty intoxicating, too.

9. Give us one parting thought on the current consumer path to purchase.
Empowering for consumers and for the savviest of marketers, too.

About Clayelle Wolf:
Clayelle Wolf is a Marketing Consultant at Compete, focused on special projects concerning the complex and ever-evolving consumer path to purchase. Before joining the team, she worked in the advertising space. She lives in Boston and enjoys exploring all the city has to offer. Connect with Clayelle on LinkedIn.