Cats Browse Internet While You’re at Work

cat with mouse
A recent analysis of Compete’s clickstream data revealed that your fluffy feline friends aren’t sleeping all day while you’re at work. It appears that cats are clicking away on your computer mouse, instead of chasing real mice. The list of the top websites from 9am to 5pm (based on Unique Visitors) is dramatically different than the overall monthly top sites. Based on the content of the sites, our data strongly suggests millions of cats are browsing the web during the day. Marketers should consider what this means for their digital strategy.

top cat sitesIts not surprising that cats enjoy watching videos of mice and birds while they are stuck inside all day. America’s Funniest Home Videos was the second most popular site after Animal Planet. Do cats enjoy seeing themselves in the videos, or do they enjoy watching humans stupidly inflicting pain on themselves as much as we do? The list of top sites further suggest that cats are not so different from ourselves: they also want to find that one special kitty to grow old with. The cat-specific dating sites, Purrsonals and cHarmony, both made the Top Ten list. Were more cats that usual browsing dating sites last month because of Valentine’s Day? We will have to wait and see if the sites make the list in March.

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Cats on the internet are a huge phenomenon. Grumpycat is practically a celebrity and who hasn’t sent around an image from LOLcats? But how do cats feel about these memes? None of them made the top sites list. We create these images for our amusement and funny marketing campaigns–assuming our favorite cats and kittens will never see them. But, now that we know cats are spending hours online each day–should we lay off the cat jokes? Or, do the cats love all the attention? Compete will conduct further research to understand the online behavior of cats in the coming months.

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How do you feel about your cat pawing its way onto the internet while you’re out of the house? We’d love to hear your reactions in the comment section below.

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