Does Loyalty Even Matter for Best Buyers?

Reward Zone

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With a high expectation to improve customer loyalty this next year, Best Buy has rolled out changes to My Reward Zone with hopes of turning shoppers into loyal buyers. As Best Buy continues their push to match Amazon and Walmart’s prices and fight against the ever increasing trend of showrooming, can Best Buy turn their shoppers into buyers and loyal buyers at that?

We recently looked at how weekly ad views affect customer loyalty through our newest product FastFocus. Looking beyond weekly ad views, how loyal are Best Buy shoppers on the site alone?

Looking at we can see that visitors to are viewing roughly seven pages per visit with just over 270 million page views.

Best Buy Pages

As competition continues to rise between top retailers the question is whether those page views are driving any shoppers into the conversion funnel? Are these shoppers returning or brand new to the site?

Looking at new vs. returning visitors[1] for Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Amazon we can see that during the last month only Amazon saw a higher number of returning customers than new visitors.

Best Buy New vs. Returning

With Best Buy only seeing 31% of people who visited in January return in February, have any of their marketing efforts pay off? Will Best Buy be able to improve their loyalty shopping with My Reward Zone or the launch of their Facebook page?

Key questions to ask:

    • Are Best Buy shoppers heading over to competitors and making a purchase there?
    • Are these increases in traffic on my competitor websites resulting in more sales or is this traffic unengaged?
    • Are Target, Walmart and Amazon sending any shoppers to Best Buy?
    • If Best Buy’s sales funnel experience is underperforming how can they invest more in the sales funnel experience?


Looking forward:

Let’s take a step further and see if shoppers are visiting competitor sites after visiting Best Buy.

[1]Returning visitor looks at a user that visited the site in the month prior while new visitors did not visit the site the month prior. This is a loyalty metric that is available through the FastFocus tool.

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