Registering To Be the Biggest Baby (Brand) Online

baby with hands up

Image from: baby / Shutterstock

The online channel is important for every brand, but it is especially important in the baby category. Brands are fighting to establish a relationship with new and expectant parents, in hopes of establishing a long term relationship with that consumer that they hope to span multiple children. This week, we decided to take a look at one of the best ways to build loyalty with new or expectant parents: online baby registries at Target, Amazon, Walmart and Toys”R”Us.

We took a look at consumer activity with baby registries from October of last year, right after the summer baby-boom months.  During that month, the baby registry sections of the four retailer sites saw 2.4 million unique visitors. That’s a lot of baby shopping, considering this is just one online touchpoint for new/expectant parents to engage with baby brands online. Here’s how the traffic broke down to the 4 different registry sites:

Share of Registry Visits to Brands Oct 2012 w logos

Toys”R”Us sits comfortably in the lead, capturing more than 50% of UVs to baby registries across the set, and Amazon brings up the rear with only 4%. Baby registry may not be Amazon’s bread and butter, but they’re certainly capturing plenty of baby related traffic.

We decided to see the degree that baby registry visitors considered a handful of top baby brands during the same session.  Graco was the most visited of the brands we included in this analysis.

Share of Registry Visits to Brands Oct 2012

Now, we can’t necessarily lump all these brands together, as there are some very different kinds of products in this group. Graco’s strollers and car seats probably aren’t being shopped the same way Gerber’s baby food is.  However, it’s clear that the combination of Graco’s brand strength and its efforts to be visible at online retailers like Toys”R”Us are working. Amongst Toys”R”Us online shoppers to the brands in our analysis, 47% of those shoppers shopped for a Graco product.

Brands looking to establish a long term relationship with consumers need to be investing in efforts to increase engagement/consideration with the baby registry.  Brands with a regular replenishment cycle like Enfamil and Gerber would be well served to offer promotions associated with adding their brands to a baby registry. What are you doing to maximize your influence via baby registries to engage with new/expectant parents?