The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Hope you are all having a happy first week of spring! If you’ve been lucky enough to be out enjoying some nice weather–here’s a recap of the most popular internet and marketing stories Compete shared online this week.

Twitter turned seven years old. Did you know that Twitter was created during a hackathon at the top of a playground slide? Here are seven things that you didn’t know about Twitter for it’s 7th birthday.

You could be seeing less cashiers at Walmart stories in the near future. Walmart’s smartphone checkout program tripled in size. The Scan & Go program piloted at 215 Walmart stores in the U.S. allows customers to scan their purchases on a mobile app and pay at a self-checkout. Last August, Walmart announced that it would save $12 million per year for every second that it could cut off of the average checkout time.

Google launched the largest Adwords overhaul since its inception. Google now sells enhanced campaign benefits. The new Adwords is optimized for the increasingly pervasive multi-screen world. But are SMBs buying the improved technology for their advertising? Only time will tell how successful the enhanced campaigns will be.

Digital coupons are finally a huge success for Grocers. U.S. Grocery Store chains begin seeing the light of digital couponing and the fresh data it brings. Since Proctor and Gamble launched their digital coupon program,, U.S. grocers on average doubled the amount of e-coupon offers every six months since the PGEsaver launch. Grocery ecommerce is expected to continue growing.

About Carro Halpin:
Carro is excited to join the Compete team as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, with a focus on all things social media. A third-year student at Northeastern University, Carro is pursuing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Political Science. She has a passion for digital media. Follow her on Twitter @carrohalpin or connect on Google+