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The fastest growing sites in February were again heavily populated with financial services sites due to tax season, but there were some key differences from last month. Likely because of Valentine’s Day, two flower sites made it onto the Fast Movers list. Additionally, Nascar.com cracked the top ten growers probably because of the Daytona 500 that happened in February.

Investigating the growth of these sites further with Compete PRO we can see that dailyRX.com received nearly 28% of their traffic from YouTube in February, likely because of the popularity of their dailyRX TV video series. Judging by the search referrals to IRS.gov, people seem to be getting their taxes done early this year with eight of the top twenty keywords related to finding details about refund status, accounting for almost 15% of their traffic from search referrals.

Fast Movers February 2013

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