Compete Product Update: Optimize Ecommerce with FastFocus

The Super Bowl has been won, Oscars have been handed out and (at least in the Northeast) we’ve survived Nemo – one of the largest winter storms of the century.

It hasn’t been all fun, games, and shoveling here at Compete in the beginning of the year though.  A few weeks ago we released a brand new module for Compete PRO users, FastFocus, and we’re very excited about the level of detail it allows us to provide for you to help further optimize your digital marketing.

With FastFocus, we can provide sales conversion, loyalty & engagement and offline channel impact metrics so you can quickly understand you and your competitors’ e-commerce and digital marketing performance.

Benchmarking your site traffic, both in volume and source, is a fantastic way to begin to optimize your marketing efforts. Now, with FastFocus, Compete PRO goes even further by following that traffic all the way to an online sales conversion. Additionally, FastFocus brings insight to the level of loyalty (New vs. Returning Shoppers) and Bounce Rate, as well as Cross-Shopping behavior (e.g. what percentage of your site traffic also visits a competitor in the same month?).  Finally, Fast Focus can measure top-line cross-channel impact with Store Locator and Weekly Specials page views – all metrics that were previously unavailable in Compete PRO.

These new metrics, combined with the insights you already receive in Compete PRO allow you to identify areas of your digital marketing that you can optimize to get the most ROI.

With FastFocus you can answer the following for you and your competitors:

  • How loyal is my site traffic? Do I need to focus on attracting competitive traffic or find new market segments?
  • Is my funnel experience underperforming? Should I invest in the sales funnel experience?
  • Are increases in traffic on my competitor websites resulting in more sales or is this traffic unengaged?

At Compete we’re dedicated to enabling you with the data and insights you need to make smarter marketing decisions. FastFocus provides the lens into online clickstream data that allows you to be smarter and faster. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new product.

Click here to contact us if you want to learn more about FastFocus!