The Weekly Compete Pulse


Here are the most popular stories from the past week.

Agencies can now create more sophisticated Twitter campaigns; the site  released its highly anticipated advertising API on Wednesday. To compare, Facebook released its advertising API in 2009. Ads previously had to be loaded one at a time–when marketers really wanted to take advantage of the real-time interactions Twitter uniquely offers. Read more of how the ads API impacts marketers on MediaPost.

A new Pew research study found that Pinterest has nearly caught up with Twitter in number of users. 15% of US online adults use Pintest regularly, compared to 16% who use Twitter. The study offered up other fresh statistics on social networks, TechCruch has the full report,

With more consumers using the site than ever before, make sure your brand its taking full advantage the Pinterest opportunity. Check out the list of Top 5 Things To Know About Pinterest for Businesses

Finally, January data is live at Compete! We’ve compiled the list of fastest growing sites in January. Tax returns are on every body’s mind, with tax sites claiming the top three spots. ranked number eight, with hockey fans elated that the lock out is over.

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