January Data is LIVE at Compete


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January’s fastest growing sites were dominated by the financial services sector. With tax season in the U.S. in full swing, tax solution websites are growing rapidly as we start the new year. Large increases in traffic for sites like LivingResearchInstitute.com and DegreeSearch.org could stem from New Year’s resolutions about healthier living or getting an online college degree. Additionally, the return of the NHL in January caused fans to rejoice and NHL.com to see a sizable increase in traffic.

Digging into the data a bit with Compete PRO, we can see that of the group of tax-related sites, only the TaxACT properties have direct competitors in their top ten incoming and outgoing referrers, suggesting that visitors to their sites may be doing more cross-shopping or have less brand loyalty to a particular tax software solution. We can also see that Mint.com’s top search referrals are filled with unbranded, paid keywords like “home budget” and “budget calculator,” suggesting that they’ve been seeing success with their paid search programs lately.

January Fast Movers

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