Agencies Need a New Set of Glasses

Mad Men

Image from: Mad Men / AMC

Many agencies hope that a single media metric can one day emerge to simplify the unwelcome complexity of new media. Compete’s Chief Research Officer, Yaakov Kimelfeld, warns they shouldn’t hold their breath.

Brands increasingly have less control over their messages; they no longer travel in a straight path from advertisers through publishers to consumers. New technology empowers consumers to manipulate the media and insert their personal perceptions, which in the digital world live longer than the actual campaign—remember McDonald’s #McDStories that went terribly wrong?

Agencies don’t have any special abilities to cut through the noise. How can they make themselves valuable and protect the future of their jobs? A new mindset is needed: data analysis and predictive modeling should become an agency’s core.

Kimelfeld shared his full thoughts on the future of advertising with MediaPost. What do you think, will agencies become obsolete, or will they adapt to the changing landscape?

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