Mobile Twitter Users Are the Ideal Audience for Advertisers

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(Note: This is part of an ongoing joint study between Twitter and Compete)

A new study by Compete and Twitter found that primary mobile Twitter users in the U.S. are more engaged than regular users. These users are 86% more likely to be on Twitter several times a day than the average Twitter user. They interact more with tweets and follow more brands. What do marketers need to know to better connect with these mobile consumers?

1. Optimize Twitter content for mobile experience.

Primary mobile users are 57% less likely to use Twitter on a desktop computer. Be sure your most valuable customers have the best possible experience by linking to sites optimized for mobile viewing. Develop a mobile targeting strategy for your Twitter Ad campaigns.

2. Prioritize campaigns for 18-34 year olds.

Our research found that 18-34 year olds are 52% more likely to be logging into Twitter via a mobile device. Campaigns tailored for this demographic will be the most successful.

3. Think about a day in the life of your target consumer to best time tweets.

As mobile users go about their daily routines, Twitter is a major part of nearly every aspect of their lives.

Twitter Primary Mobile Users More Likely To Use Throughout Day

Don’t miss out on opportunities to engage with important mobile users! Maybe this means scheduling tweets during rush hour or on the weekends. If you have a TV strategy, integrate with your Twitter strategy. Sixty-six percent of users are on Twitter while in front of the TV at home, and primarily mobile users are 32% more likely than the average Twitter user to use the platform while they are watching television.

4. Create tweets with rich media

Primary mobile users are 63% more likely to click on links, 78% more likely to retweet and 85% more likely to favorite a Tweet. Use them to drive earned media.

5. Create campaigns centered around useful information or special offers that someone can act on immediately.

The average Twitter user follows five or more brands. Users who primarily access Twitter on mobile are 96% more likely to follow 11 or more brands. Create tweets that align with what mobile users need: real-time information that helps them make decisions as they go about their daily lives. For example, they may be waiting in a line at your bank and looking for information that will make the transaction easier.

There is a big opportunity for brands as consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices. Visit the Twitter Advertising blog to read the full analysis. How is your brand targeting mobile users on Twitter?

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