U.S. Auto Industry: 2012 in Review

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2012 was a year of recovery for the U.S. auto industry. Sales reached a post-recession high 14.4 million units, the best performance in 5 years and up 13% over 2011. At the same time Japanese manufacturers, reeling a year ago with post-tsunami inventory shortages came storming back to post 20%+ sales gains in 2012. Lastly, GM and Chrysler began to shed their bankruptcy status, with Chrysler especially posting solid sales gains on the success of multiple new products.

Chrysler may have been last on Compete’s top ten list of Automotive Manufacturers in December, but their sales were up 21% Y-O-Y. This improvement brought the parent company of Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat back to an 11.2% U.S. market share, which is their first year back at pre-bankruptcy levels. Will their momentum continue in 2013? Chrysler is off to a great start with their hugely successful Super Bowl commercials.

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