The Weekly Compete Pulse

We’ve compiled some of the top stories from around the web this week. The big news is that Facebook has Instagram, and now Twitter has Vine. You can share short six-second videos in your twitter stream with the app, now available for iOS. Read more about the tool and its potential implications on Techcrunch. What does this new tool mean to marketers? Chris Brogan shared eleven things businesses can do with the new video app.

Data seems to be the buzzword of 2013 in the marketing world. A new survey by Data Rich & Insight Poor revealed that 68% of marketers plan to increase their data-related spending this year, while only 3% plan on decreasing such spending. Read more of the findings at Marketingland.

Mobile devices continue to proliferate and are changing the way marketers are reaching and engaging with consumers. E-mail marketers in particular must optimize their messages for multiple platforms, as people do more on their mobile devices than ever before. A new report says 44% of emails open on a mobile device. MarketingProfs shares more findings from the study and offers engagement tactics for e-mail marketers to keep up with the changing landscape.



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Carro is excited to join the Compete team as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, with a focus on all things social media. A third-year student at Northeastern University, Carro is pursuing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Political Science. She has a passion for digital media. Follow her on Twitter @carrohalpin or connect on Google+