2013 CES Recap –Video Interview

Samsung CES

Image from: Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock.com

Though CES 2013 is officially behind us, the buzz will linger for weeks to come (especially as all the exciting stuff that was announced at the show starts hitting the shelves). After coming back to our home base in Boston, Chris Collins and I had a great opportunity to talk to RCR’s Dan Meyer about what we saw this year at CES, including:

    • Samsung’s undisputed dominance: Despite CES 2013 being dubbed the “Year of the Little Guy” Samsung was definitely one of the biggest players in the show. They had a few notable launches (the 4K TV, the updated SmartHub) but also the sheer number of Samsung phones in the crowd was a loud & clear message that Apple is not the undisputed king of the smartphone space any longer


    • 4K/UHD TVs: Unlike the 3D TVs that OEMs tried unsuccessfully to push at CES in previous years, the 4K TVs on display this year look stunning in person and don’t require additional glasses. And with brands like Sharp introducing TVs that can “upscale” existing 1080 content, content availability will be less of a problem than with 3D TVs


    • Hybrid PCs: There were quite a few of those announced or highlighted at the CES – Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, Acer all presented their take on what looks like the next step in Portable PCs.


    • Pervasiveness of “connected everything”: brands are betting that all our devices (smartphones, tablets, TVs and eventually kitchen appliances and cars) will soon be linked into one pervasive connected eco-system, and companies – from service providers Verizon Wireless and AT&T to OEMs Samsung and Whirlpool to auto companies Ford and Audi – are jockeying for position


Check out the whole video here: