The Weekly Compete Pulse

Though the overwelming reaction Facebook’s Graph Search has been “unimpressed”, the social networking site may very well steal AOL’s spot as fourth-largest player in search– if Facebook’s search ads generate just 10% of the company’s revenue in the coming year. Facebook officially entered the search market with the announcement of its new social search tool, a partnership with Bing.

Gartner updated its mobile advertising forecast this week. The company increased it predictions, expecting mobile ad revenue to grow 400%  in the next five years, reaching $24.5 billion by 2016. Mobile is becoming increasingly popular for advertisers.

With more data than ever available for marketers, a new survey from the Direct Marketing Association Marketers shows that the potential has not yet been fully tapped. Fifty-seven percent of the DMA members interviewed expected higher revenue from big data, but a larger 60% do not have clear integration plans.

Microsoft’s five-episode mini series promoting Halo 4 was indeed a marketing success. A study by Compete showed viewers of the episodes were more likely to pre-order the video game than those who do not.

About Carro Halpin:
Carro is excited to join the Compete team as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, with a focus on all things social media. A third-year student at Northeastern University, Carro is pursuing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Political Science. She has a passion for digital media. Follow her on Twitter @carrohalpin or connect on Google+