Big News About the Compete API


I hope you all enjoyed the Holiday season! Here at Compete, we certainly had an exciting close to the year. The Compete API user base is growing faster than ever and we have seen rapidly increasing interest in our demographic data-points, organized by age, income, and gender, as well as our Daily Visit and Time share metrics, which provide daily trend data. Thank you!

Now, the big news. I am extremely excited to present the BETA phase of a completely new data type, Website Keyword Data. We have created the ability to call the top 100 keywords for a domain by Search Referral Share (the % share of traffic the keyword brings to the site), as well as Paid Share %, Natural Share %, Average Time Index, and Total Time Index for each keyword. If you’re interested in learning more about Website Keyword Data BETA, you can reach us at – we’re happy to share more information.

I expect this to be the first of many big Compete API announcements in 2013, so stay tuned. Please enjoy the New Year, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Kind Regards,

Elliot Telford
API Product Manager

About Elliot Telford:
Elliot Telford is the Product Manager for the Compete API and Compete PRO International. As a Product Manager, Elliot focuses on user experience, user research, and user centric product enhancements. After many months of client support for Compete PRO, Elliot has moved into the product space to continue to improve experiences for his clients on a higher level. As the API Product Owner, Elliot is constantly looking for ways to create and improve integrations to provide more value to customers with Compete’s best-in-industry data. Connect with Elliot on Twitter @ElliotTelford