Best of the Compete Blog: 2012 Edition

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Well well well! Here we are, at the brink of 2013, the whole of 2012 concisely packaged away in our retrospect. The natural thing to do at these transitions is to review, right? As marketers, analyzing past triumphs is often times the most telling process for elucidating the future, so as the new year approaches we’ve constructed a list of Compete’s top stories in 2012.

But what constitutes the ‘top’? Any blogger will tell you that it’s not just about page views; it’s about engagement. That’s why we’ve decided to give our readers two lists. The first is the top blogs, based on page views, and the second is a list of our most engaging content this year. We calculated engagement based on tweets, Facebook likes, comments, and any other form of social interaction.

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2012 Top Viewed Blog:


1.Tumblr vs. Wordpress vs. Blogger: FIGHT
2.Internet AllStars ‘01: Where Are They Now?
3.Round 2 of Tumblr vs. Wordpress vs. Blogspot: FIGHT
4.Social Networks: Facebook Takes Over Top Spot, Twitter Climbs
5.Google Social is Exploding Online!
6.Hooters: All Grown UP and Ready to Rebrand
7. Chrylser 200 Post Launch
8.2012 Toyota Camry Baseline and Targets
9.Top-50 Websites –Ranked by UVs;, Facebook, Flickr sky rocketing
10. Should GoDaddy Say Uncle?

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2012 Top Engaging Content: 



1. Google Social is Exploding Online!
2. Tumblr vs. WordPress vs. Blogger: FIGHT!
3. Traditional Retailers are Barbie Shoppers’ Dream House
4. Pinterest Surpasses Tumblr in Unique Views
5.  What Role is Twitter Playing in the 2012 Election?
6. Tweets and Their Influence on Online Shopping?
7. Pinning Down the Impact of Pinterest
8. Pineterest vs. Tumblr: Not Even a Contest
9. Could Free Shipping Boost Your Holiday Sales?
10. The Flout-able, Doubt-able Klout


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