Happy Holidays from Compete (Insights Included!)


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We here at Compete would like to wish happy holidays to you and yours! We hope the season finds you warm, happy, and ready for the new year! But what would a holiday wish from Compete be without a modicum of data? Not very festive, that’s for sure! So below is a brief list of holiday-themed insights we’ve pulled to make the holidays just a little more… analytical .

1. Where the recipes at?

Looking at the data from November 2012, we can see where people in the ‘dining enthusiast’ behavioral category are flocking in preparation for their holiday banquets. Up from last year’s surge we see that food.com and tasteofhome.com are this years stars. Urbanspoon.com also saw a mild year-over-year increase in traffic, while every other site in the top 10 ranking saw less traffic this year than last year.

Top 10 sites for dining enthusiast behavioral category

2. Need a few gift ideas?

I know that when it comes to gifting, I’m a bit of a tragedy and almost always end up searching the term ‘GIFT IDEAS’. Evidently, so do tons of other people, and here is a breakdown of where they end up going. For places like Gifts.com, who are paying for a large portion of their referrals from that keyword, this sort of hopelessness is something they’re depending on.  In fact, 10.23% of their search referral share is off this keyword!

Daily Keyword Destinations for Gift Ideas

3. It’s All About Free Shipping

Here’s a great fact about shipping:  62% of consumers said they would not have made their most recent purchase if they had not received free shipping.  This number is from the Compete Fall 2012 Online Shopper Intelligence Survey™ and really puts into perspective what sort of details people look for when crafting their holiday shopping lists.

Again, a happy holiday season to you all from Compete!

About Ryan LaSala:
Ryan La Sala joins Compete as the Digital Marketing Co-op for Compete.com, sovereign of all things social media. Ryan is a current attendant of Northeastern University, dual-majoring in Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs (with minors in Biology and Psychology), with career interests in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Consumer Anthropology. Aside from acquiring aspirations with big words, Ryan’s other interests include reading cheesy fiction, writing in any capacity, singing and cooking. Find Ryan on twitter @Ryality or connect with him on LinkedIn.