The Compete Weekly Pulse


What were the top sites in November 2012? Well, quite a bit of retail-themed sites, that’s for sure. We published our November data this week, and with it we put up a ranking of the fastest growing websites for the month. Check it out!

Did you know that there are more than 200 million monthly active Twitter users? In Twitter’s own words, “you are the pulse of the planet.” If that doesn’t put the scope and grandiosity of social into perspective for you, then maybe you need something a bit more…granular? Not to fear! This week we published the second in our triad of infographics that break down the demographics comprising the top 6 social networks!

The series is called ‘The Social Makeup of Social Media’ and this week’s infographic looks at income. Which is the richest social site? Which is the least affluent? Check it out in its very own blog post, and don’t forget to check out the previous week’s infographic: an age breakdown of the top social sites.

So, now that we’ve established the severity of social, let’s talk strategy. Lots of times people discount social because the numbers and ROI seem vague. This is a valid qualm, but not if the lack of return is on your shoulders. To perhaps avoid some blame, check out Jeff Bullas’ ‘4 Reasons Why you Facebook Page Sucks.’

Here comes the new year! I understand that this day is supposed to be all about personal change and refreshed life goals, but why not apply the fresh start to your marketing strategy. For what it’s worth, here’s BostInno’s “13 Marketing Resolutions for 2013.” Reading them, you might find yourself catching the parallels between personal and professional. How’s that for a lesson in work/life distinction?

About Ryan LaSala:
Ryan La Sala joins Compete as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, sovereign of all things social media. Ryan is a current attendant of Northeastern University, dual-majoring in Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs (with minors in Biology and Psychology), with career interests in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Consumer Anthropology. Aside from acquiring aspirations with big words, Ryan’s other interests include reading cheesy fiction, writing in any capacity, singing and cooking. Find Ryan on twitter @Ryality or connect with him on LinkedIn.