Who’s Winning with Pinterest?


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As most marketers know, Pinterest is a fast growing website for browsing and sharing visual content – with a strong focus on shopping.  A favorite particularly among women (with women making up over 58% of all traffic), the website has continued to grow gangbusters over the past year.  In August, we noted that Pinterest traffic had now exceeded Tumblr traffic  – quite a feat considering the huge lead that Tumblr had – and it has continued to grow.

UVs to pinterest.com

If there is one area for concern for Pinterest, it’s that visits per person seems to be trending down and may indicate that that new visitors are not spending the kind of time on the site that their core audience does.  So even as their top line UVs continues to increase, the average is pulled down by people who visit the site less often.

Pinterest.com: Unique visitors vs. Page ViewsNote that using normal page-based metrics for Pinterest may not be effective as the website utilizes a slick, one-page, continuous scrolling approach to displaying content.

The question we wanted to look at today was who is benefiting from Pinterest?  The answer might surprise you.  Using Compete PRO, I looked at Outbound traffic from the website to see who was getting most of the Pinterest traffic.

Outoing Traffic from Pinterest.com

Surprisingly, Amazon appears at #18 in the list, and Walmart comes in at #36 (not shown).  In contrast, indie-favorite Etsy.com appears at #8 – suggesting that either Pinterest attracts a very similar demographic as Etsy and/or that Etsy is just doing a much better job utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic.  This may also have to do with the fact that Etsy is a marketplace of sellers – so that you may have a large number of very motivated people (those selling the items) posting them to Pinterest in order drive traffic.  Bottom line, Amazon could be getting a lot more traffic from Pinterest given their size and breadth of products offered.

What do you think?  Are Amazon and Walmart just not “pinteresting”?  Let us know in the comments below.


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