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Weekly Pulse

$9.2 billion. Billion. That’s 9 billion and then some. That’s enough to buy 16,666,667 Furbies! It’s also the forecast amount of US social media advertising revenues for 2016, up from the $4.6 billion estimate in 2012. According to our sources, social ‘native’ ads are expected to surpass display in growth within the forecast period, capping out at about a $3.85 billion spend in 2016. That’s a lot of Furbies…

With this forecast swirling in your mind, we bring you our next Pulse feature: What To Expect from Brands in Social for the Holidays from Digiday. This season promises to be the most social yet, so brands are sure to be utilizing every tool, platform, and tweet they can squeeze their content into. Being ready can mean two things: 1. You’ll get all the greatest deals and 2. You’ll know where to hide when envious shoppers come knocking.

Along the same lines of social and the holiday season, Cyber Monday was this week and it’s impact on our computer monitors is blatant. Evidently, Cyber Monday is gaining (or has gained) popularity as the top holiday shopping day. What does this say about Americans? Are we over Black Friday? Would we rather throw glances at our bosses over our cubicles while we peruse in our cubicles come Monday morning? Evidently so.

You might be asking yourself: what can I be doing with social to capitalize on this maelstrom? Actionable Marketing Expert Heidi Cohen has put together a great guide of 23 Tactics to Grow your Blog. Some are as well-known as adding images of photographs, but we promise there are a few fresh, great tips (such as commenting on other posts to cultivate connections).

And now for a bit of fun. A riddle: who is the victim of Twitter? Before anyone blurts out anything, consider what this innovative campaign has to say about letting actual  birds tweet. We promise its endearing.

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