Sunday Series: Fitness/Beauty/Health Trends of Fall


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Obviously in the spirit of gluttony, I decided that this Sunday Series would focus on the up-and-coming in the health/beauty/fitness domains online. Where are people looking for the latest tips and trips to coral their body into a more flattering shape? What products are gaining traction in time for the holidays? What will, and what won’t, stave off the insulation of winter?

Well, Oprah, you did it again! secures the top fastest growing spot, but still has a long way to go considering it’s rank month to month. The next thing I noticed was, a type of Yoga employing intensely hot conditions (ideally 105°F). As someone who avoids putting myself in 105°F conditions at all costs, I’ve never tried it, but all of my chicest friends think it’s the best and evidently this impression is spreading through the rest of the USA…and just in time for the holidays!

Lastly, take the fifth spot. This is the first product to make the top ten growers, which might be a sign of impending success as holiday shopping gets into full swing.

10 Gains in Monthly Unique Visitors for Health, Beauty, Fitness Sites

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