Furby is Back and Driving Higher Search Referrals

Furby is back!

Image from: Furby is back! / Hasbro.com

Furby is back, and er, better than ever. If you weren’t around on the verge of Y2K, Furby was the must-have toy of the season in 1998 and 1999. And now over ten years later, Furby is back and making his presence known, especially online.

As an original Furby owner, I myself was obsessed with the toy. Now as Furby re-enters the market, with a bit of a digital face-lift, and app friendly experience, the market is chomping at the bit to get its hands on this new and improved robot.

Looking at Compete.com we can see that interest in the toy is consistently increasing.  With the launch of the robot in early fall, traffic increased and created a buzz online.

Unique Visitors to Furby.com

Daily Reach and Daily Attention to Furby.com


Looking at top 15 search referrals for keyword “Furby,” we can see that a majority of traffic is being directed towards mass merchant and department sites.

Top 15 Search Referrals for Keyword 'Furby'

We can also see that for the holiday season, paid search is a key component of retailers’ strategy to attract Furby shoppers.   Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us are leading when it comes to attracting consumers.  Interestingly, in order to compete with Walmart, Toys-R-Us needs to invest heavily in paid search.  1 out 3 Furby searchers came to Toys-R-Us from a paid search link, whereas Walmart only has a 14% paid search share.  Also surprising is that Amazon, typically the leader online, trails behind Walmart and Toys-R-Us with just 3.4% of referrals.  If Amazon wants to stay top of mind among toy searchers this holiday, it should consider investing more in SEM and SEO.

And what is Hasbro’s plan with these consumers?  Hasbro is actively investing search marketing and successfully attracting almost 1 out of 5 Furby shoppers to the Furby branded site.  But consumers cannot actually purchase products on the site and the where-to-buy function on site is not well promoted.  During the business shopping time of the year, maybe Hasbro should consider this strategy and stop stealing shoppers away from retail sites.

No doubt shopping will continue to grow as we head into the holidays.  Who will see a higher conversion: Wal-Mart, Toy R Us or Amazon? Do one of these retailers have the better search strategy? Will Hasbro be able to drive conversion without any option to buy on their branded site?



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