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When you think of cutting edge technology, what do you think of? Tron? Star Trek? Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century? Perhaps all of the above, but what you should be thinking of is beauty brands, specifically Estee Lauder (which launched an e-ccomerce site as early as 1996!). Now Estee Lauder is onto bigger, better, and smaller pursuits: mobile. Currently the company has 53 mobile sites in 12 markets, all of which are e-commerce related. They’re strategy is a complex one, but an ultimately elegant solution to the struggle in staying prevalent to consumers with multiple devices.

Did you know that 47% of national brands are going to invest in local in 2013? These are the numbers being put in a study by local marketing firm Balihoo, featured in Search Engine Watch. Local markets have shown themselves to be a trend that cannot be ignored, and this new projection only further embeds the importance of local in the future of brand strategy.

We’ve all seen viral videos. Some are emailed around offices covertly, some are posted up on pinboards and feeds, and some are stumbled upon by careless internet surfers. Picking up on these viral trends and figuring out a how to ride their pulse can lead to profitable infamy for a brand (Old Spice anyone?). Samsung is seeking to do just that by employing Laina Walker, the comedian who came up with the now internet-famous character ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend‘. In the Samsung ad she’s playing a tweaked version of the character, an ‘Overly Attached Computer’ that threatens to expose the secret files of their users unless a certain piece of Samsung hardware is purchased. Clever, Samsung, very clever.

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Ryan La Sala joins Compete as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, sovereign of all things social media. Ryan is a current attendant of Northeastern University, dual-majoring in Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs (with minors in Biology and Psychology), with career interests in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Consumer Anthropology. Aside from acquiring aspirations with big words, Ryan’s other interests include reading cheesy fiction, writing in any capacity, singing and cooking. Find Ryan on twitter @Ryality or connect with him on LinkedIn.