Gift Cards Top the Holiday Shopping Lists

Holiday shopping

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With a month left until December, shoppers are continuing to make a dent into their Christmas lists. By the beginning of November, about 60 percent of the consumers surveyed in the Compete Holiday Intelligence™ survey had already begun shopping for the holidays. This was a 20 percent increase in shopping activity compared to two weeks ago. The number of people who had completed at least 75% of their holiday shopping also grew steadily by 3 percentage points every couple of weeks.

what percent, if any, of your total holiday shopping have you already completed

Electronics and video games continued to grow in popularity in the past few weeks but gift cards were definitely the gift of choice among shoppers, with close to 40 percent of consumers purchasing the category. One thing to note is the number of shoppers purchasing fragrances more than doubled compared to the prior weeks.  Perhaps consumers are taking advantage of all great holiday gift-sets and free gift with purchases available around this time of year.

What types of products did you buy last week as part of your holiday shopping?With a quarter of consumers purchasing electronics, it is no surprise that Best Buy experienced a boost both online and offline. Similar to most brick-and-mortar retailers, Macy’s stores remained the place of choice for consumers as more than twice the amount of people browsing the stores than shopping online.  Despite the difference, Macy’s stores and website continued to gain momentum as the number of shoppers to this retailer grew more than 100 percent. This shows that shoppers will find ways to check things off their list whether that means having the ability to select presents in person or with the click of the mouse.

Which retailers did you purchase from last week as part of your holiday shopping?

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for more holiday insights from the Compete Holiday Intelligence™ survey as we continue to track consumer shopping activities.