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On Tuesday, November 6th, Barack Obama was re-elected as the President of the United States of America. If you’re reading this right now, chances are you already know this. For all us marketers and digital-denizens, the election comes with a double dose of insights into campaigning, behaviors, and political culture both offline and online.

For instance, how did people prep for the polls? What was the online scene like in the weeks preceding the election? How did people do their research?  Check out our post ‘Online Behavior: How People Prepped for the Polls‘ for a snapshot of traffic just before the votes were tallied.

Could these trends have predicted the election? Does online engagement indicate anything when it comes to political feasibility? The answer is YES, it does. The day of the election BostInno posted the article ‘Who Will Win the Election? Obama by a Landslide.’ Obviously they’re onto something. Their main statements are that the lack of exposure in Romney’s campaign leading up to election day withered against the passionate voter base that eventually came through for Obama and the democratic party. Check out the post and decide for yourself!

And what about after the election? A multitude of analysis is pouring in from across the web, but perhaps one of the most basic and obvious observations warrants an interesting story. After the votes were tallied, Barack Obama declared victory on Facebook and Twitter, but not on Google+. What gives, Obama? Check out MarketingLand’s article for the full story.

Also on the public’s mind is the devastation recently inflicted by Superstorm Sandy. There have been reactions of aid all over the web, but perhaps one of the most interesting stories is how LinkedIn stepped up to help children in need after the storm dissipated.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery from the storm, and we hope this weekend turns out nicer than the last one.

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