Was the Daily Twist a Slam Dunk for Oreo?


Image from: Oreo / Oreo.com

For a brand that has been around for 100 years, Oreo has shaken up their marketing strategy by launching a new social campaign. The Daily Twist campaign introduced a new Oreo advertisement each day over the course of 100 days to celebrate the last 100 years of dunking. These advertisements focused on current events, pop culture trends and major news stories. In addition to the daily Oreo’s, fans could upload “Oreo Moment Stories” to the branded Facebook page and share special memories.

And while Nabisco is standing out as a digital leader for this campaign, I have to wonder, was the campaign a slam dunk for Oreo?

With a strong social push, I decided to look on Compete.com and see how the campaign impacted Nabisco.

Looking at incoming traffic to nabsico.com we can see that traffic from social sites facebook.com and youtube.com has increased.

Change in Share to Nabiso.com

What’s interesting about this campaign is that customers are responding to brands that are creating and engaging in authentic conversation. Oreo has not only provided platforms for that conversation, but they are engaging their fan base through innovative marketing. If I was Michael Jordan, I’d say this campaign was a slam dunk!


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