Halloween Costume Shopping Trends of 2012

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In the spirit of the season we’ve already blogged about Fall Fashions and Autumn Food Blogging, but now that the actual holiday is upon us it’s time to turn our attention to the biggest matter at hand: “Halloween Costumes.”

It’s not surprising that a quick search for the top sites collecting traffic from the searched keyword “Halloween Costume” yields ultra-specific results such as SpiritHalloween.com and Halloweencostumes.com. Looking at a comparison of the top 4 sites, which account for nearly a third of the entire destination volume, we can see how subject these sites are to seasonal swells in traffic.

Unique Visitors to Halloween Costume SitesSo how do these sites differ? What are people searching for with each site? Looking through the search referral data for each, we can get a basic impression where each might excel.

PartyCity.com, being the most general domain but also the most trafficked, had many referrals concerning types of costume, such as kids sized, costumes for dogs, plus sized costumes and options for maternity. There was very little specificity in searched terms beyond this. CostumeExpress.com had the same manor of vagueness in its search referrals, with a few characters showing up far down on its results (Harry Potter, Star Wars and Raggedy Ann). Of the four sites, HalloweenCostumes.com had the most specific searches for characters and costume ideas, and SpiritHalloween.com had the most branded search referral data by far.

Pages per Visit to Halloween Costume SitesWhen we alter the measured metric from Unique Visitors to Pages per Visit, the comparison tells a different story. Instead of showing a somewhat consistent comparison year-round, ranking these sites by the amount of pages someone is clicking through for their visit shows that some sites are doing a better job at capturing the imagination of their shopper for longer. Or, perhaps, it’s just taking people longer to find what they need before giving up. Because these sites maintain something close to their UVs comparison, it’s safe to say the story is closer to the former.

Of course, not everyone buys their costume online. I didn’t. My friend brought me to a cute fabric shop in Boston where I bought supplies like fabric and fringe for a homemade costume. I know many consumers are in line with my hands-on approach which might explain the prevalence of Halloween in the Craft industry category, featured in last week’s Sunday Series.

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What did you do for Halloween? Did you buy a costume, or did you put one together yourself? Or both? Let us know in the comments!

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