Sunday Series: Halloween Rears Its Head in Craft Category

Costumed Kids

Image from: Costumed Kids / Shutterstock

 If you’re anything like me, half the fun of Halloween is crafting a costume on your own and then watching the shock on people’s faces when they realize it’s homemade. Sometimes it’s not shock though. Sometimes it’s pity, but the point is that I’m not alone in my craftiness. Buying a full costume can be expensive, so lots of people are turning towards cheap and simple ways to put together something that will dazzle the costumed masses of the upcoming holiday. Below is a list of craft sites ranked by their growth since last month, and as you can tell there’s an obvious seasonal prevalence of Halloween in the top growers. If you’re looking to take charge of your costume and get really creative, consider checking out these sites!

10 Gains in monthly UVs for Crafts

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