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Is your SEO Agency any good? How do you know? The truth is that results are just numbers, and it’s hard to define something as a direct result of your agency’s strategy when you have no idea what that strategy is to begin with. Why not just luck, then? The point is you need to assess if your agency is right for you by assessing their methodology, and you can’t do that if they’re continually trying to obfuscate their language. Check out Search Engine Watch for the full article.

According to Chitika Insights, 1 in 4 Google search queries is local (meaning for local services).  For Bing and Yahoo users the rate of local queries is even higher. So then why aren’t more national brands using local targeting in mobile? As if Chitika’s findings weren’t enough, this article in Marketing Land gives the top 5 reasons why national brands should jump on this local targeting trendin mobile.

It’s an absolute in marketing that it’s easier to increase sales from your current pool of customers than to acquire new customers. But just because this an absolute doesn’t mean people follow it (in fact only 37% of retailers use cross-sell and up-sell programs on existing customers). Well don’t be like the 37%! If you’re practicing an email marketing strategy, check out MarketingProf’s ‘Three Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Tactics to Boost Email Marketing ROI.

Another great resource for marketing is social, but figuring out a social strategy and be perilous if you’re not informed about what will best work for your brand or content. Which channels are most trafficked by the people you want to reach the most? Where’s the action? Check out MarketingProf’s post ‘Social Marketing: Key Trends and Tools for B2Bs and B2Cs’ for some great tips on honing your strategy to be as impactful as possible.


About Ryan LaSala:
Ryan La Sala joins Compete as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, sovereign of all things social media. Ryan is a current attendant of Northeastern University, dual-majoring in Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs (with minors in Biology and Psychology), with career interests in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Consumer Anthropology. Aside from acquiring aspirations with big words, Ryan’s other interests include reading cheesy fiction, writing in any capacity, singing and cooking. Find Ryan on twitter @Ryality or connect with him on LinkedIn.