3 Tips for Tracking Fall Fashion Consumer Trends

fall fashion trends

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I think it’s safe to say that of the many reasons people love the advent of autumn, one of the top qualifies is the shift in fashion warranted by the shift in weather. The sweaters that were paltry and muggy in the summer become mobile havens in the fall. People begin to layer (and layer and layer). This means more clothing, it means more shopping, and therefore it means more retail. Online retail, that is.

It’s not enough for retailers to simply remain relevant. Being in style is to be expected. The real goal is to stay immediate, and I assure you there is a difference: a relevant brand is simply an authority in fashion while an immediate brand is ready, sleeves waiting, to slip onto the consumer just as their ready to make a purchase. But, to be both, you’ve got to know where your consumers are and what they want. Here are 3 tips for tracking the fall fashion consumer trends.
1. Blogs Initiate Toes-to-Head Styling
Fashion is about knowing what’s in, but most shoppers wants a measured amount of individuality in their purchases. Individual style is a fickle thing to peg down, but perhaps it’s just simpler to find out where people are plucking their pieces of inspiration.

Daily Keyword Destinations for Fashion Blogs

When people search the term ‘Fashion Blogs’ where do they go? Our data shows the top site destinations include Signature9.com, Blogspot.com and HuffingtonPost.com. On your own do a similar search. What do you see? What do you want click. If retailers are serious about sleuthing out the blogs with the hottest authority, they’ll pay attention to Signature9’s list of the Top 99 Fashion Blogs, the Huffington Post’s ‘NYC Fashion Bloggers: 10 Blogs Worth Reading,’ and Heartifb’s consortium of independent fashion bloggers.

2. Social Curation Nation

A similar search for the term ‘Fall Fashion’ reveals the top exact matched site destinations and, of them, the specific domain I’ve highlighted below: Pinterest. Expected, right? The sight dominates in visually stimulating content and fashion, as a predominantly visual art, fits into the paradigm like a pair of ink-sheen croco print leather gloves by Versace (pun entirely intended). In fact, Pinterest hoards about 22% of this keyword’s volume.

Daily Keyword Destinations for Fall Fashions

But who is on the other end of that Pinterest link? It isn’t Pinterest in general. No, it’s none other than Bloomingdale’s. Their Fall Fashion 2012 Board is simple yet still branded. As of this writing there are already 13,242 followers for their 368 pins, but the Bloomingdale’s bolstered SEO has made sure that this board is not limited to Pinterest users who have sniffed it out. Instead, the board is high up in searches, readily available to consumers beyond the Pinterest domain.

To further drive home the point of Pinterest in fashion, let me refer to some data from yesterday’s article on eBay’s utilization of a Pinterest-like feed. In our data we saw that 14% of Pinterest visitors shopped on eBay during the same session after engaging with Pinterest. Coincidental? Probably not.

3. Know Your Competition

Last night I watched the finale of Project Runway, and let me just say that if there is one thing that the show preaches it is that to be cutting edge will not always suffice. You must be inches before the edge to be truly glamorous. This is why knowing your competition–specifically the up-and-comings–can give you an advantage no matter what season it is. Take a look at these top growing sites in August and notices the nuances: Prom already? Rugged winter wear via Carhartt.com in late summer? And what exactly is Superdry.com?

Top Growers in Unique Visitors for Apparel Category


What are you favorite fashion sites? Where do you get the best deals? Let us know in the comments!



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