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Maybe you’ve heard, but the big news this week is that digital darling Pinterest has surpassed longstanding microblogging champion Tumblr in monthly Unique Visitors for the first time! Opinions and inferences have varied across the field, but one thing is for sure: neither curation site is going anywhere anytime quickly. Both have their appealing features, and so watching their interplay in the upcoming months is sure to be interesting.

Are you a social sharer? Using social media to benefit your business is nearly first nature these days, and MarketingProfs wants to make sure you’re doing it right. Compendium recently orchestrated social sharing data from 300 companies using their content marketing platform, and the resulting infographic is a wonderful tool every social marketer should check out. Once you’re done, check out Search Engine Watch’s piece entitled, ‘5 Pieces of Damn Good Advice for Social Media Marketers.’

Speaking of B2B (Business to Business) strategy, Corporate Vision reports that 66% of B2B sales and marketing professionals admit their message creation process is “non-collaborative,” “non-existent,” or just “semi-collaborative.” Only one third deem their process as sufficiently collaborative. Where do you fall in this mix?

Benchmarking is important. We know this. If you’re using a tool like Google Analytics to keep track of your strategy’s impact, you might want to check out Search Engine Watch’s ‘4 Google Analytics Features You Probably Haven’t Used’ to make sure you’re gaining the most from this awesome tool.

Recently Compete and Twitter delved into the task of finding out just how influential Tweets can be on political donations. We got some great data out of the collaboration, and we strongly urge you to check out Twitter’s write up of the results. We’ll give you a hint: Twitter matters.

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